5 Best Tips For Skincare

Skincare depends not only on cleaning and the use of care skincare products and refreshments.


It is well known that skin is the largest organ of the body, yet many ignore the importance of skincare, which is part of it. In fact, skincare is not a difficult task. There are many different ways in which we can take good care of skin health, and the beginning is a daily health system, which not only enables us to have healthy skin but It ultimately contributes to a happy and healthy life as well, with some important steps to show you:

The best ways of skincare

Skincare depends not only on cleaning and the use of care skin care products and refreshments. Care must be taken to adopt a healthy diet, take enough hours of sleep, exercise continuously, and control the levels of stress due to which acne appears and has an impact on health in general.

Of course, smoking, which causes major damage to the lung and heart, affects the skin, shows wrinkles, and looks older because smoking fails to produce elastin and collagen and captures blood vessels, which prevents oxygen and food from reaching the skin. The skin may need additional treatments by type and characteristics, such as the use of wet or peeling masks. The methods of skincare will be as follows:

1- Removal of cosmetic preparations


When putting on makeup, care must be taken to use makeup and cosmetics that fit well the skin type, and we must remove it before going to sleep to avoid the appearance of acne. If makeup is put on a daily and continuous basis, the skin must be relieved of it for a period of one or two days. Makeup brushes and tools must be cleaned so as to prevent acne bacteria from accumulating and spreading. We can remove makeup in the house in a natural way where it removes eye makeup, which is usually difficult to remove. It also feeds the skin and can be applied as follows:

Components: Vegetable oil or baby oil.

Application method: Massage the skin with a generous amount of oil. Then leave for 3 – 5 minutes. The oil is then wiped with cloth or cotton, followed by face washing using face lotion.

2- Face wash

To keep the skin free of oils, care must be taken to wash the skin of the face and neck twice a day, in the morning, and before going to sleep, this habit contributes to improving skin health and preventing pimples.
The skin must be washed with plenty of water and we must use a face cleanser that is suitable for the skin type. Before washing the face, the hands must be washed well and we need a soft towel or sponge. After washing the face, we use the tuner and then the moisturizer and, of course, the makeup must be removed before the face is washed.
This method is one of the best and coolest skincare methods because the basis of the daily skincare routine is cleaning and tuning, where it keeps it young and healthy.

3- Sunscreen

You should avoid sitting under sunshine for a long time, especially in the morning between 10 and 2 noon, when sunshine is more damaging. Even in winter sunscreen is considered a necessity and positive to contain at least SPF15, reapplying during the day especially when swimming or in extreme sweating.
In case someone doesn’t like using sunscreen, he can choose base creams and refreshments that have sunscreen in their composition.

4- Moisturizer

Using a skin-friendly moisturizer is not to be overlooked, the moisturizer must be applied to the skin after we put a little water on it and it’s used according to climate. We use heavy moisturizer during the winter, and in the summer we use the lighter kind. We can choose a moisturizer with sunscreen. The brain skin also needs to be hydrated, where we use mental skin gel or light moisturizer.
Hydration that comes from inside by drinking water is absolutely necessary, drinking more than eight glasses of water a day makes the skin bright and looks younger.

5- Peeling

To remove the dead skin cells and purify the skin, you have to peel them once a week. There are several dedicated peeling tools, such as the roll, the scrub, the peeling sponge. The face peel must be light and different from what we use to peel the body because the facial skin is thinner than the other body skin and of course we use moisturizer once the peeling process is done.