9 Skincare Tips for Combination Skin

Combination skin

Combination skin is the skin that combines in its characteristics between oily and dry skin. The oily areas are from the forehead area in width and extend to the lower area in the nose and chin, which is known as the T zone in English, as for the rest of the face, the skin is dry. People who have combination skin may face many problems such as cracks and wrinkles, as well as the problem of redness of the face, and therefore this type of skin requires special care and this is what we will discuss in detail in this article:

How to identify combination skin

There are several ways to help find out if the skin is a combination skin or not, including:

  • Twenty minutes after washing the face, oils appear on certain parts of the face Oils appear on the T-zone when using a regular skin moisturizer, while the cheeks look good.
  • The pores in the nose are larger than the pores in the jaw and cheeks.
  • There will be dandruff on the scalp and there are also scaly and dry patches.
  • When the weather is hot, specifically in the middle of the day, the speed of the appearance of oils and shine increases in the T-zone, Because it is always affected directly by the weather.
  • Dry spots appear on the skin and acne appears at the same time.
  • In the T-zone, there are scaly areas, where the blotchy skin is yellow and the skin is inflamed and pink, and this condition may be diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis and therefore you should consult a doctor because it needs treatment.

 Skincare Methods For Combination Skin 

  • Stop using soap: Soap causes skin irritation and dryness, and this increases its problems, and therefore you must choose a suitable lotion for the skin or use natural materials such as milk and honey to clean it.
  • The use of toner for the skin should be considered a necessity in its care routine because it helps reduce the size of the open pores of the face and balances the skin by removing the effects of the lotion or cleanser used.
  • Sunscreen should be used when leaving the house, and be sure to choose the right type that suits the combination skin.
  • You should use a skin lotion to remove make-up after returning home and before bed.
  • Peeling the skin contributes to the removal of black and whiteheads and removes dead skin cells. It also contributes to opening closed pores, so the skin breathes and absorbs the beneficial elements of masks, moisturizers, night cream, and mixtures, in addition to helping to stimulate blood circulation to the skin.
  • The skin should be moisturized with light cream or gel moisturizer, in order to add shine to oily areas and moisturize dry areas.
  • Skincare at night: It is recommended to apply a night cream because it contributes to the process of repairing the skin and moisturizes it and gives it a kind of radiance in the morning, because during the night the skin absorbs the beneficial elements and vitamins in the cream, and it also contributes to being an anti-aging.
  • Not touching the face with the hands: because the hands can be loaded with germs, and popping or squeezing grains in the face is strictly prohibited because it leads to an increase in the size of the facial pores as it stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more oils, and this exposes the skin to other problems and exacerbates its condition.
  • Homemade recipes and mixtures for combination skin have good results compared to the masks in the market, so it is recommended to use them twice a week.

Home recipes for combination skin

These are the foremost outstanding recipes and masks to take care of the combination skin:

a combination of honey, yoghurt and essence

yoghurt and honey effectively cool the skin, additionally to fighting xerotes and moisturizing the skin, whereas rose water controls skin oils and provides the skin with an exquisite refreshment, particularly within the summer.

  • Ingredients: one tablespoon of honey. A tablespoon of yoghurt. A tablespoon of rose water.
  • a way to prepare and use: combine the ingredients along well. Apply the mixture on the face and leave for one5-20 minutes. Wash the face with traditional water once the expiration of amount and dry it well.

a combination of almonds, oats, honey and yoghurt

 Oats facilitate take away excess oils from the skin, whereas almonds nourish the skin and dry areas, and this mixture is ready by following the subsequent steps:

  • Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of oats. A teaspoon of honey. A teaspoon of yoghurt. ten grains of almonds.
  • a way to prepare and use: Soak the almonds in water for an entire night, then grind them within the morning to get a paste. Add the remainder of the ingredients and blend well till a swish paste is obtained. Apply the mixture on the face and leave for 15-20 minutes. once the ending of the term; Wash the face with traditional water and dry it well.