A Woman Stopped Shaving Her Face And Shares How It Changed Her Life a Year Later.

Eldina is a young woman from Copenhagen who has decided not to shave her facial hair. She’s made a name for herself by chronicling her experience on social media. She has also aided others in feeling more confident and being true to themselves rather than trying to satisfy everyone.

she did this interview on a website : 



It wasn’t something that just happened.

Eldina didn’t make the choice to quit shaving her face out of the blue, nor was it a hasty one. it absolutely was a protracted and winding road:

“I wouldn’t say it happened overnight, but I felt increasingly upset with having to shave my legs for no apparent reason. Why should I’ve got to get rid of my hair after I see males do so? I understood that I can be considerably more productive with my time. I’m not opposition shaving or hair removal, but the idea that each woman should pair all of the time irritates me.”

Others can empathize with Eldina’s feelings.

In the world we sleep in, men and girls have different expectations, and not only Eldina but other women who have spoken to her agree: “A lot of ladies have written me and informed me that they, too, feel pressured to get rid of all of their hair, whether or not they do not want to.” However, they’re under societal pressure to try to do so, or they need been ridiculed for having hair on their bodies.”

“Many women have written to me, expressing their feelings of being the only woman with facial hair or noticeable hair. Whereas, in reality, there are lots of them, and having hair like a lady isn’t unusual. I’ve received a lot of negative messages from guys and few terrible messages from women.

In terms of distinction, I’ve earned plenty of attention for — well, basically not doing anything. It’s weird once you consider it because a person wouldn’t go viral for having big brows, so why would I?”


What matters is who you’re, not what others consider you.

Being faithful yourself is crucial, and there’ll always be people who love you for who you are: “I believe my advice would be that if people don’t love you, you’ll always make new friends. you will always be ready to locate others who will accept and value your ideas and sentiments. does one truly want to be called someone you aren’t?”

Don’t be frightened to pursue your goals.

Finally, Eldina said something inspiring that may make anyone give some thought to how they conduct their lives: “I believe that reflecting on why you’re doing what you’re doing is usually a sensible thing. Is it something you wish or something you’re doing out of fear?”

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