Hair Loss Treatments For Men

Hair Loss

The problem of hair loss is widespread among many people, but the more common is hair loss for men compared to women, it affects the scalp and can affect the entire body, and this matter occurs due to various things, including genetic causes, some diseases, or due to taking some medicines that cause hair loss, and it may be due to hormonal changes. The most famous cause of hair loss is aging, some seek to find treatment, and others accept the matter and do not care about it, of course in all cases you must consult a doctor before choosing any hair loss treatment and starting it, in this article we will talk about hair loss in men and its causes and of course, we will talk about hair loss men treatment methods depending on the medical methods and some natural prescriptions as well:

hair loss men treatment

hair loss treatment for men by medical ways

With age, it’s insufferable to forestall hair from falling out, however, there are some treatments that will curtail the method of hair loss, together with the following:

Some medicines and medical drugs: resembling Minoxidil, which is found as a liquid or foam, is placed on the scalp double a day, and promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss, or Finasteride (English: Finasteride), which is simply offered by prescription, and it should take time to notice the results from each property. 

Hair transplantation:

These embody removing a number of the skin from the scalp that’s at the rear of the pinnacle wherever there’s loads of hair and reinserting the hair follicles within the scalp full of hair loss. This methodology could also be painful and dearly-won and should end in some risks akin to microorganism or plant infection.

Laser treatment: that reduces the inflammation that forestalls hair from falling into the hair follicles despite the shortage of studies on laser hair loss treatment.

Quit smoking: it causes hair loss likewise as facial wrinkles and early graying.

Scalp massage: This stimulates the hair follicles to grow.

consumption a diet that contains all the required nutrients: by eating vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, iron-rich foods akin to beef, beans, and foliose greens, foods wealthy in omega-3s, such as salmon and tuna, and alternative parts that build the meal complete, Besides drinking numerous water.

hair loss treatment for men with natural recipes

you’ll be able to follow the subsequent recipes to treat hair loss:

Hair massage oils: Massaging the hair victimization an acceptable hair oil, will increase blood flow to the hair follicles and enhances the strength of the roots because it encourages relaxation and reduces tension, and therefore the technique is:

Ingredients: A amount of coconut oil, almond, olive oil, castor oil, or others.

a number of drops of rosemary oil (rosemary).

Preparation method: admixture rosemary oil with the chosen base oil.

Apply the mixture to the hair, then massage the scalp well victimization the fingertips.

Repeat it a minimum of once a week.

Onion juice: Onion juice treats hair loss as a result of it contains a high proportion of sulfur that helps improve blood circulation in hair follicles and reduces inflammation. It conjointly contains antibacterial properties that kill germs and parasites and treat scalp infections that cause hair loss.

1st method:

Ingredients: one onion.

a way to prepare:

squeeze the onion with a mixer to extract the onion juice.

Apply the juice onto the scalp and leave it for thirty minutes, then wash it off, using associate degree acceptable shampoo. Repeat this technique 2 to 3 times every week for many weeks.

technique two:

Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of onion juice.

2 tablespoons of burn plant gel.

 One tablespoon of olive oil.

Preparation: combine the ingredients, place the mixture on the hair for a minimum of thirty minutes, then rinse it with shampoo.

 Repeat this method two to three times a week for several weeks.

Causes of hair loss in men

over half of men who have reached the age of fifty years or additional have signs of hair loss, and this can be because of several reasons, and that they are as follows:

Genetics, there’s a sort of hair loss in men called virgin birth alopecia, as men often savvy from fathers, or from some relatives within the same family. Doctors didn’t totally perceive the explanation for these secretion changes, or why this kind of depilation happens bit by bit for many men, however, what they’ll understand is that this happens thanks to the family history, and it always begins to seem at the beginning of adolescence.

Some medical problems: cherish anemia or endocrine gland problems, and hair loss during this case is temporary, and hair loss may be an aspect impact of some medicines, such as cancer medicines, arthritis, depression, or pressure medicines, additionally that, it’s going to cause Radiation or therapy treatment Hair loss is widespread, and it can grow over time, upon completion of treatment.

Exposure to psychological pressures or psychological trauma: that results in sudden weight loss, and during this case, hair loss will reach several months.

Virus infection or bacteria: cherish the supposed mycosis that produces scaly patches, and generally causes baldness, however, hair grows once treated.

Some conditions of the system that cause unforeseen hair loss within the variety of spherical spots in numerous places of the head: This condition is named alopecia, wherever the person’s immune system attacks the hair follicles and therefore results in hair loss.

Some habits: such as drying the hair with a heat appliance frequently, or hot oil treatments that cause hair damage.