How To Use Rice Water For Hair Growth

Rice Water

The use of rice water as a natural remedy helps in obtaining beautiful and healthy hair. Its use dates back to the ancient women of Japan, where they used rice water as a recipe that contributes to obtaining beautiful and long hair and increases its density, because it contains an ingredient called inositol, which helps in repairing damaged hair from the inside out and protects hair from damage, rice water also contains amino acids that strengthen hair from its roots and increase its density.


Rice Water Benefits For Hair:

  • Contribute to improving hair growth and addressing the problem of hair loss.
  • Helps reduce hair breakage because it contains a large number of proteins that get rid of hair splits.
  • Improving hair texture: After washing hair with shampoo, it is preferable to use rice water instead of conditioner because it improves hair and increases its density.
  • Protects hair from damage.
  • It strengthens the hair roots.
  • Treats dandruff problems.
  • Makes hair shiny and silky.
  • Eliminates the problem of lice.


Rice Water Recipes For Hair:

First Recipe:


Rice water Dilute it with water.

How to prepare:

Wash your hair using shampoo as usual

Apply rice water to the hair.

Massage the hair and scalp using fingertips and gently for ten minutes.

Wash hair with normal water.

You can use this recipe two or even three times a week.

Second Recipe:

It contributes to improving the texture of curly hair

Take a quantity of fermented rice water.
An amount of plain water where it is three times the amount of rice water.

How to prepare :
Mix the ingredients together.
Wash your hair with shampoo and then with cold water.
Apply the mixture to the hair and leave it as a final wash.
Use this recipe two or three times a week until you get the best results.

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