Night Skincare Routine!

Skincare routine at night

Skin is exposed to many conditions during the day’s stages, including exposure to sun and ultraviolet radiation, air pollution, and exposure to dust or incendiary chemicals. There are also other surrounding conditions that may cause damage to the skin over time or make it vulnerable to signs of early aging and also show wrinkles and fine lines. The best period of skincare is in the evening, before bedtime because skin repairing itself during sleep, and when we continue to take care of it at night, it gets healthier and more agitated and younger, and the defects are gradually disappearing, we’re going to talk about the steps of skincare at night.

The importance of skincare at night

During sleep, blood vessels expand, allowing nutrients and oxygen to penetrate the skin, additionally to removing the toxic substances within the cells, so night skincare greatly enhances these results. Nocturnal anti-aging products contribute significantly to preventing fine lines and wrinkles, due to their components that stimulate collagen production (English: Collagen and elastin: Elastin is required to reinforce skin resilience, and tired and stressful skin are often rapidly improved by taking care of it before bed and getting good and cozy sleep. Fatty skin, which is susceptible to being acne, the appliance of nocturnal treatments helps to eliminate the bacteria causing them faster.


Skincare steps at night

Makeup removal: this is often one among the foremost important steps for night skincare; When the skin is roofed with a layer of makeup, like lipstick, mascara and base cream, and eye shadow, the pores are immediately blocked, leading to the varying complexion, stains or acne, and multiple ways of removing makeup from the skin as makeup removal, face washing or cream to get rid of makeup.

Skin cleaning: In this step, wash your face with a lotion suitable for your skin type, then do a nice facial massage for a few seconds, then wash your skin with warm water.

For Toner: The tuner status step is a crucial one; The tuner helps to take care of a balance in skin acidity (PH), also on improving skin tissue.

Peeling skin: Peeling removes dead skin cells, and skin peeling has suggested a minimum of twice every week, using light peeling products on the skin, or a natural peel are often prepared reception like milk, bran, etc.

Skin hydration: it’s recommended to be a daily humidification habit, which may be a good skin benefit, helping to get rid of the dead skin, nourish the skin, regenerate it and make it youthier, preferably choosing a moisturizer cream or lotion suitable for the skin type.

Under-the-eye cream: Under-the-eyes area is the first area of the face to show signs of aging, so a major effort to take care of this area is very important, we should use creams that help reduce the area’s blooms and hydration, reduce the size of black aura and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

It is recommended to select a light eye cream containing ingredients such as caffeine, peptides, antioxidants, and bleached substances, place the cream by gentle massage from the angle of the inner eye to the outer angle.

Lip hydration: one among the softest areas of skin is lips, where they need to take their share of appropriate night care, to avoid cracking, and fading appearance, by placing lip moisturizer daily on the lips, also as peeling them once every week using oils to hydrate them further and maintain their appearance.