Should I avoid silicone in hair products?

What are silicones and why do we find them in our hair products?

Silicones, what are they exactly?

Silicones are synthetic products that are often found in hair care products. To identify them under their chemical names, you just have to look for the ingredients ending with “oxane”, “cone” or “conol” (rather easy). In the top 5 most popular are Amodimethicone, Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Dimethiconol and Cyclopentasiloxane.

The effects of silicones on hair

If silicones are found in some hair care products, it is for their “coating” action. By coating the hair fiber, silicones facilitate detangling and give your hair a smooth and disciplined appearance. In short, they work like a magic wand and make up for split ends and frizz to perfection. But if silicones are real little miracles, why should you choose masks that don’t contain them?

Silicone-free masks for natural hair

Silicone-free masks to reveal the natural beauty of your hair

While silicone-based hair care products coat and smooth hair, those that do not contain silicone allow hair to retain a more natural movement and texture. And this is precisely what Franck Provost and his hairdressers are increasingly looking for: hair that is sublimated but not “transformed” by silicone-free treatments. Keeping in mind his passion for the extraordinary material that is hair, Franck Provost, a craftsman hairdresser for over 40 years, has chosen to develop a range of 100% silicone-free products that are as effective as products with silicone, for strong, perfectly nourished, repaired and never denatured hair.

Natural hair: the key to a perfect cut

By touching, working with and taming hair for 40 years, Franck Provost has learned that an ideal cut, color or even style is first and foremost a natural hair material that is soft to the touch and above all not overloaded with products.
Silicone-free masks to pamper hair without overload

Hair care products formulated with silicone can tend to weigh hair down and, depending on your hair type, can even make it re-grease faster. The secret to beautiful, shiny, nourished and supple hair is to use products that are adapted to your hair’s needs without overloading it! That’s why Franck Provost has chosen natural ingredients known for their benefits to hair health for its silicone-free ranges. For dry hair, Franck Provost has chosen shea butter and its nourishing power to bring shine, suppleness and hydration. The material remains natural and easy to work with.

All Franck Provost masks are formulated without silicones

Finally decided to add a little more natural products to your routine and abandon silicones for a day or forever? Then you should know that all Franck Provost shampoos and masks are formulated without silicones. Here are the silicon-free masks and shampoos to choose from, depending on the nature of your hair.

The Expert Repair range for brittle hair

Your hair is down, damaged, split and brittle and you don’t know how to give it the boost it deserves? The solution lies in the Expert Repair range. It’s 100% naturally resistant after just 10 shampoos! Your lengths become easy to style, without the risk of breakage. Formulated with jojoba oil for healthy hair and breakage-free hair.

Expert Nutrition Professional Mask and Shampoo for Dry Hair

Whether your hair is dry or dehydrated by inappropriate care products or heated tools (straighteners and curlers), your hair could use a little help. The formula enriched with shea butter makes your hair supple and silky.
Expert Nutrition + professional mask and shampoo for very dry hair

If your hair is extremely dry and you have thick, curly or frizzy hair, opt for the even more nourishing version of the nutrition shampoo and mask. The shea butter and coconut oil in the shampoo and mask help to make your hair softer and more supple for a natural feel.

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