The Ultimate Skincare Routine for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Dry and sensitive skin:

Dry skin needs special skincare care in certain ways that correspond to its quality, and it needs permanent moisturizing, as it does not differ from oily skin in this matter, the first need to moisturize and use oils, and the second is characterized by an increase in its levels, but dry skin is more vulnerable to injury Tissue-related problems such as thinning, skin sensitivity and itching. Therefore, it is necessary to provide appropriate methods to prevent these problems and to rely on effective moisturizing treatments.

In this article, we will talk about the possible methods for caring for dry and sensitive skin to reach the maximum benefit and effective solutions for the owners of this skin:

Methods for skincare of dry and sensitive skin:

Dry skin is prone to allergies and has a low level of oils. It appears dehydrated because it does not retain moisture, and when a person washes his face, he becomes upset if he does not use some kind of skin cream or moisturizer. Excessive stretching is a sign of very dry skin. Here are some ways to care for dry and sensitive skin:

Maintaining moisture: The natural oils that are secreted from the body preserve moisture and stop dehydration, and thus you ought to concentrate on the way to shower, by avoiding predicament or regular soaps that cause these oils to be removed or frequent bathing for long hours. Alternatively, soap is often used for sensitive skin and bathing. With warm water for no quite 10 to fifteen minutes and no quite once each day.

Gently exfoliating the skin: Exfoliating removes dead skin, prevents infection, and contributes to raised absorption of moisturizing products. you ought to follow the exfoliating tips carefully, and don’t use a harsh exfoliating tool, like a loofah or pumice, and instead of applying bicarbonate of soda paste or clean cloth is acceptable. To peel the skin without causing any damage.

Dry the skin carefully: you want to take care when drying the skin, because rubbing with a towel causes irritation to the skin and removes tons of moisture and oils, which may aggravate the condition of the skin and dryness, and alternatively, the skin is often dried employing a soft, clean towel.

Apply a moisturizer: After showering or making the skin wet, a layer of moisturizer should be applied to assist maintain the moisture and return the natural oils that were removed by the shower, and a moisturizing product is often applied in the dark then covered in clothes to guard this moisturizer, which helps the skin to soak up it. And it gives him long for that.

Protecting the skin from weather factors: The cold in winter causes air to soak up any moisture which will exit from the skin, which causes it to dry out. Cold, and therefore the radiation emitted from the sun causes irritation and damage to the skin, so a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a protection degree of 15 to 30 or more should be used.

Maintaining the humidity of the home: A humidifier is employed reception or within the office to take care of the humidity and it’s preferable to run it during the sleep period because it’ll assist you to relax and rest.

Drink an appropriate amount of water: you want to drink the quantity that the body needs, which varies from person to person, to take care of body moisture. The recommended amount of water is eight cups, and this amount may decrease or increase.

Get the proper nutrients: The skin needs some nutrients quite others so as to seem healthy, such as vitamin A, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in some food sources, such as salmon, anchovy, sardines, Olive oil, kale, almonds, and carrots.

Talking to a specialized doctor: Dry skin may be a problem that ought to not be ignored, especially if the skin is extremely dry and causes small and enormous cracks, which exposes the person to the danger of infection, and dry skin are often related to more severe health problems, such as diabetes, or infection Psoriasis, eczema, or obesity.

Natural skincare treatments for dry and sensitive skin

The following points explain a number of the natural recipes for caring for dry and sensitive skin, namely:

the milk

Milk contains anti-inflammatory and calming properties that effectively help get obviate dry and itchy skin. additionally, the carboxylic acid in milk helps reduce dead skin cells and increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture. It also helps to lighten the skin, and its method is:

Ingredients: Four tablespoons of milk. a couple of drops of Rosewater.

Preparation: Rosewater is added to the milk, then it’s rubbed with the body. Leave it on the body for 10 minutes, then wash the body with cold water. Repeat the recipe twice daily.


Yogurt is a superb moisturizer for the skin because it contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help calm dry and itchy skin and it also contains carboxylic acid that repels germs and bacteria which will cause itching, and its method is:

Ingredients: Half a cup of yogurt. Three spoons of mashed papaya. a couple of drops of juice. a little amount of honey.

Preparation method: mix the ingredients together; to urge the mixture. Apply the mixture on the face for 10 minutes, then wash it with cold water. The recipe is repeated once hebdomadally.

Tips for sensitive skincare :

Here are some tips that are recommended for sensitive skincare:

1- Putting the material for a skin test for sensitive skin on the hand for 48 hours and paying attention to see any changes that may occur to it.

2 – It is preferable to use an organic moisturizer for the skin because it is usually most appropriate.

3 – A healthy diet is a matter that must be followed if we are seeking to obtain fresh skin while making sure to drink large quantities of water daily to maintain skin moisture.

4 – Wash the face frequently to prevent closed pores and remove all impurities.

5- Take care of the area around the eyes because the skin is very sensitive.

6- Stay away from the burning rays of the sun or exposure to them for a long time, and you should also stay away from pollution, stress, lack of sleep, and all external factors that negatively affect the skin.

7- Use cleansing wipes for the skin and stay away from harsh towels.

8- Using cosmetic products that do not contain fragrance.